Raspberry Pi 4 w/ 8GB RAM- latest iteration of the venerable Raspberry Pi. Version 4 with 8 GB RAM and 64-bit Raspbian OS to leverage all that sweet, sweet RAM. Assuming it has the USB-C fix, seems like now is the time to splurge.

AMD APU w/ Vega graphics- we previously worked with an AMD APU utilizing Zen CPUs and Vega graphics and I’ve longed for a similarly equipped SBC. Looks like one is finally here. With eyes on the upcoming PS5/Xbox Series X, one could assume that an even more powerful version is on the horizon.

Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX- we lamented the memory bandwidth of the Jetson Nano and this iteration brings it up to par with the TX2- albeit at a much higher price-point.

Google Coral Dev Board Mini- the Coral line of products targeted at ML applications has a number of interesting products available now, but I’m eagerly anticipating this standalone board.

AWS Graviton2- ok, not exactly embedded hardware, but I have a penchant for non-x86 compatible hardware. The $/W numbers are enticing and should encourage platforms that can target alternative architectures.