It looks like I jumped the gun a bit in yesterday's post when I complained about the ease of learning to use DevKitPro (DKP).

Got some sleep and woke up a lot less grumpy today so I thought I'd give it another shot. This time with a clear head.

I came across the PataterSoft tutorial and in the process of messing around with it I ended up going back through the "examples" directory of DKP. And, I must say.... they're really well commented, fully explained, easily understood examples. Maybe that's why all the tutorials have fallen into states of disrepair; they're unneeded. You just pick the directory you want and learn about what's in there- it's kind of like "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Really didn't take much to get a few easy examples going. I retract all the nasty things I said earlier and instead tip my hat in their general direction.