At some point I feel like I should embrace the winner in graphics APIs for computer games and learn DirectX (seriously, this time). In some obvious attempt to entice me, Microsoft began offering the Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition for free.

I looked at how to get it setup for DirectX development and these are my notes. You obviously need it and the DirectX SDK to start with.

  1. Setup the Platform SDK as described here here.

  2. Start Visual C++

  3. File->New->Project

  4. For "Project type" select "Visual C++" or "Win32" and create a "Win32 Console Application".

  5. When the Win32 Application Wizard comes up, make sure you select "Windows applicaiton" for the "Application type", and "Empty project" from "Additional options".

  6. Project->Add New Item. Select "C++ File".

  7. Project->Properties. Configuration Properties->Linker->Input. Add necessary DirectX libraries (ddraw.lib, dxguid.lib, etc.) to "Additional Dependencies".